Message from Principal

St. John’s is dedicated to the time-honoured educative mission of the Catholic Church. As a Montfortian institution, inspired by the vision and daring of our three century old experiences and practices, we seek to achieve the comprehensive development of our students by helping them to discover their potentials and strive for their full development. We endeavour to enable our students to be always open to everything good and positive; making critical judgements and discerning what is good. We seek to challenge them to be social or other oriented, always contributing constructively to the society.We believe thatthe unique educational experiences and opportunities that are provided at St. John’s will allow our students to become resourceful, self-confident and responsible.  

This web site is designed to give you an overview of our history, traditions, core values and beliefs and keep you informed of upcoming events. Our strength and success depend on the continued support and close collaboration that exists within and across the school community.

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