1. Selection Test a tling zawng zawngten Dt 14th – 186h March 2016.
9:30a.m – 1:00p.m chhungin, mahni admission tih ni-ah  admission tihfel vek tur a ni.
(i) Form No. 7000 – 7115 (14th March,  9:30am – 1:30pm)
(ii) Form No .7116 –  7253 (15th March,  9:30am – 1:30pm)
(iii) Form No. 7254 – 7279 (16th March,  9:30am – 1:30pm)

2. Hemi ni  (Dt 14th – 16th March 2016) a admission tifel loten an seat an hauh zui thei lovang.

3. Admission lak niin Nu leh pa ten an fate an rawn kalpui ngei tur a ni.

4. Document ken turte
(i) Original Tranfer Certificate
(ii) Mark sheet / Progress Report Card Attested Copy
(iii) Birth Certificate Original leh Attested Copy

5. Fee pek ngai zat :
Rs 3550+ 1000 = 4550/-( Rs.1000/- hi Caution Deposit a ni a,Course zir zawh hunah lak chhuah leh theih a ni ang.)

6. Zirlai Private Hostela awm tur ten Principal hriatpuina/phalna an la tur a ni.
7. Regular attendance ngaih pawimawh a nih avangin School Education Department-in a phal baka School hun chhunga zirna tibuai thei inhmanna/telna tur pawl leh Kohhrana tel thin turte tan Admission lak buai a ngai lo.

8. School dan leh hrai Prospectus-a inziakte an zawm ngei tur a ni.

9. Zirlai mamawh Kawnghren,Kawrlum,Badge, Exercise Bu-te chu School atanga lei tur a ni anga,thil dang mamawh(Uniform etc) chu mahni a lei tur a ni.

10. Zirlaibu leh Notebook te school re-open atangin Schoolah a lei theih ang.
Puanthan Man
1. Kekawr puan (1.2 mts) : Rs. 240/-
2. Pawnfen Puan  (1.8 mts) : Rs. 350/-

11. School tan hun Dt 5th April, 2016

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