(17th-21stNov 2016)

Among 202 enrolled NCC Cadets of the school, we, 13 girls and 16 boys were fortunate to be selected as the participants of this study tour during the short holiday, 17th-21st Nov. 2016. We thank Bro. Principal and teachers in charge, for arranging such a wonderful, memorable and informative event in our life. This trip is really an asset from our school life to cherish.

As planned, all of us gathered in front of the school at 2:30 am and started our journey by a bus and a sumo. They reached us at Silchar Railway Station an hour ahead of the scheduled departure of our train. But the news awaited us in the station, ‘train cancelled’ which made all of us sad, and panic. In spite of this bad omen, we could see that our teachers were moving around to overcome this menace. After a while, they came to us with the good news that, they managed to arrange an evening bus to Shlliong,. Our enthusiasm and eagerness were back in its peak, once again. We were taken to ‘Sevakendra’ to spend the day. Thank you, Fathers and Sisters of Seva kendra for your generosity. We boarded  the bus to Shillong after 7pm.
In Shillong we were welcomed by ‘the Sisters of Charity, early in the morning. We also had the opportunity to see the old age home in their house. The sisters were kind enough to serve us the morning meal. Thank you Sisters, may the Almighty bless you all abundantly. By 9am we boarded in another bus to move in and around Shillong. Our first visit was to the Cathedral Church. We placed our entire programme in the Lords hand and moved from there to Lady Hydari Park. Boating in Ward’s Lake made us amused. Some of us turned sports men and women in the Polo field. On the way to Guwahati, the sight of Bara Pani was really a feast to our eyes. We reached Montfort Provincial house, Guwahati, around 8:30pm.
The Brothers in Montfort house were kind enough to receive us and allow us to stay for next two nights in their school hostels. The buses for the next two days to move around, and our meals were arranged by them. Thank you Brothers, for your care and affection. May the Lord reward you for your kindness.

The first day in Guwahati, 19thwas the day much awaited. We were eager to reach the amazing place, Acco Land. Around 10 in the morning we reached there and the entire day was full of fun, laughter and enjoyment. In the evening we visited Sarighat Bridge and went for shopping for a while. By 8:30pm we reached back in the hostels.

On next day, Sunday, after the Holy mass and morning meal, we boarded in the bus with our luggage. It was an incredible day which has really enriched our knowledge, information and understanding. We visited the Science Centre, Zoo, Kalakshetra and had boating in the mighty river of Brahmaputra. By 7:30pm we reached the railway station and the train moved towards Silchar at its scheduled time of 11.55pm.

The train reached Silchar at 3:30 pm, two hours late to the scheduled time of arrival. A bus and a sumo were waiting for us in Silchar, Mizoram house. We reached back in the school compound around 10:00 at night. Parents were waiting for us to take us home. The tour ended with lots of good memories to cherish.

During the tour none of us gave any chance to our teachers to get scolded. All of us were on time and well disciplined during this tour. In fact the teachers in charge praised us for the same. We thank the Almighty for being with us throughout this tour.
God Bless.

– Mr. Santhost Jacob

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